Foreign Investment Support Package (FISP)

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Making a capital investment in the largest world market, the United States, can be complex, confusing and overwhelming – especially in an uncertain global environment with regard to trade policies, rules, regulations, taxation and tariffs. Mistakes can be made, time can be wasted and money can be lost. Whatever its size, your U.S. investment project requires careful planning and early business development efforts, and will involve a variety of issues and topics that cannot easily be found in one place.

Many foreign companies have experienced the complexity and difficulty that can result from using different service providers for various tasks throughout the process. This ends up being costly, inefficient and time-consuming. Stevens & Lee/Griffin International (SLGI), as part of the Stevens & Lee/Griffin family of companies, is uniquely structured to offer a complete range of legal, tax, workforce, investment banking and consulting services all under one roof to foreign-owned businesses interested in setting up or expanding operations in the U.S.

Our goal is to provide a time-efficient and cost-efficient streamlined “one-stop shop” to help you achieve maximum financial and operational success while minimizing liability and complexities in the U.S. market. You will be assigned a designated SLGI project manager who will be the primary point of contact for your U.S. investment project, and will coordinate all aspects of your project, both from a corporate standpoint (real estate, incorporation, tax, incentives, etc.) and from a workforce and human resources standpoint – a major but often overlooked aspect of a successful investment project.

In addition, we will keep you abreast of changes in federal policy, law, rules and regulations under the Trump Administration which impact international trade and investment and may be relevant for your investment strategy in the U.S.

Our services include:

  • Workforce Issues such as immigration, unions, U.S. workplace acclimation training, cross-border coordination of employee benefits, cultural differences in doing business and managing employees.
  • Commercial Transactions, Trade Compliance and Intellectual Property such as domestic outsourcing arrangements, dispute resolution provisions, sales and marketing regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Tax Challenges such as tax structuring of cross-border Intellectual Property and Technology Transfers, multi-jurisdictional sales and tax use, tax compliance and tax minimization, Corporate & Individual Tax Compliance and Planning.
  • Government Incentives such as identifying, obtaining and implementing government incentive programs that are the most advantageous to your strategic operations. They vary greatly in scope and nature in different states and counties.
  • Value-Added Professional Services such as providing access to Griffin Financial Group LLC, a FINRA-licensed investment bank and Pinnacle Risk Services, Inc., an insurance risk consulting business, as well as federal and state lobbying, export assistance and other customized packaged services that are designed to provide greater value to clients.