International Trade Assistance Partnership (iTAPP)

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Pennsylvania Companies Conquering Global Markets

PAchamberThe Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry has partnered with Stevens & Lee/Griffin International (SLGI) to underscore the importance of maintaining a strong and growing export sector within the Pennsylvania economy. The International Trade Assistance Partnership Program (“iTAPP”) has been tasked with the mandate of assisting Chamber members to increase their international sales to selected markets in ASIA (China, Japan), EUROPE (France, Spain, Switzerland), SOUTH AMERICA (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru) and WEST AFRICA (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast). Should you have an immediate need to access any of these markets (listed at right), please contact us for a tailored export needs analysis.

Why Your Company should participate in iTAPP

  • iTAPP offers the most cost-effective way for a Pennsylvania company to receive ongoing trade support in important, growing export markets. To join our program, companies pay a low, fixed monthly fee (with a 20% discount for PA Chamber members) plus a customized success fee as a percentage of actual export sales generated as a result of program participation. Please contact us for a customized quote.
  • The program is led by the Commonwealth’s longest-serving Deputy Secretary for International Business Development, Wilfred Muskens, and the former Secretary of DCED, Sam McCullough, who was responsible for making international trade a strategic economic development priority for Pennsylvania.
  • The state no longer offers free or low-cost trade support services in any of those markets.
  • Participation will also help you stay abreast of changes in federal policy, law, rule and regulation which impact international trade.

How Your Company can participate in iTAPP

  • SLGI has exclusive contracts with highly experienced trade specialists in each country – substantially all of these professionals were previously under contract with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have assisted over 500 Pennsylvania companies, generating over $500 million in new export sales.
  • SLGI will conduct an initial interview with you free of charge. We will discuss your business plan, products and services, export strategy, and specific goals and needs as they relate to developing changes in federal policy, law, rule and regulation to determine how the iTAPP program can most effectively help you succeed in this changing environment.
  • If we jointly determine that your request for assistance is limited in time and doesn’t require ongoing in-market support, we will work with you on a customized quote (20% discount for Chamber members).

Pennsylvania Export Success Stories from SLGI’s Network of International Contractors

  • A Central Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of heavy equipment was able to export $20 million of Pennsylvania-made equipment to the Brazilian market over a three-year period and grow its export sales by 50%.
  • A Greater Philadelphia health care provider entered the Brazilian market and over a three-year period grew its export sales from 0 to $1 million.
  • A commercial vehicles company from Western Pennsylvania was able to sell $130,000 of Pennsylvania-made products into the Chilean market since 2016.
  • An industrial products company from Western Pennsylvania sold over $500,000 in “made in Pennsylvania” products to Chile and Colombia over a two-year period.
  • A mining equipment company from Northeastern Pennsylvania generated over $160,000 in export sales to Chile and Colombia over a two-year period.

For more information, contact Sam McCullough, former Pennsylvania Secretary of Community and Economic Development, at 610.478.2151 or, or Wilfred Muskens, former Deputy Secretary for the Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development, at 717.399.1728 or